February, 2023


I’m so sorry to inform you, dear friends, that our little soldier, Tim Quy, passed away this morning. Needless to say, it breaks my heart to pass this on but I’m sure you will all raise a glass to the lad. Here’s to Mr. Quy. Sorely missed.

Jim x




December, 2020

The current pandemic has precluded us from organising an event to celebrate Tim’s life. Instead, we will broadcast some secret footage from The Secret Bull & Gate Concerts on the anniversary of their performance. Please join us at ABC Globus and do not be late!

With love, Mary x




July 30 2020

Good morning, everyone,

How are you bearing up? Here, amongst close friends and family, the reality of our loss is beginning to descend and it hurts to the core.

We know that you are grieving, too. You have sent us some beautiful messages and these will be shared with all of Tim’s loved ones. Thank you. Thank you for appreciating that we did our very best to make his life good. Thank you for knowing we did everything we could to keep him safe. Thank you for never doubting us, for trusting us and for always supporting us when we asked for your help.

YOU helped make his last days happy, almost contented, ones. This must not be underestimated. You are instructed to internalise this FACT and allow it to assist you in the grieving process which, as any shithead on the street can tell you, correlates precisely to the love that you feel.

Whilst a funeral will likely be kept private, The ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN will arrange something for you to be part of, so that you may share your grief with others that understand how you feel. We must ensure, though, that we celebrate befittingly and not spend the whole time weeping like a bunch of first world pricks. The logistics of this event will take time to organise given the current pestilence and feelings of deep sadness and pain that we are all experiencing.

Also, of course, we like things to be really fucking good and apposite: we will want to fully reflect his light that we may all bathe, be restored and keep up the work of being good humans. And of being kind and compassionate to all creatures. And of fishing out the bugs from the bath before you fill it. And of delighting in pheasants that come into your garden. And to not let house plants die of thirst.

This was no ordinary life. This was no ordinary rock star. This was someone whose peg was made bespoke and fitted no convenient hole. In short, we know how you feel and we know you need to show it. We will help you with that as best we can when the times allow us.

NB. At this esteemed event, anyone that hasn’t learned the words to HOME OF FADELESS SPLENDOUR off by heart will be rightly ashamed of themselves but not judged. Their personal shame will be their own cross to bear FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE.

With very much love to you all,

Mary x


July 22 2020

I’m sorry, on such a glorious day, to tell you the news that my dearest brother Tim passed away suddenly last night.
Sorry it’s a brief message but I don’t have it in me to speak at length just now.
Love to you all. Be safe.
With respect,