Rumours have reached the all-hearing ears of THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN regarding our perception amongst the faithful as both STERN and BEREFT OF HUMOUR.

It is with this in mind that it has been deemed appropriate that perhaps an insight into the lighter side of our organisation was generously made available.

Here they are look



Throughout this tenure Cardiacs have struggled, with little success, to rationalise their existence for publications only too happy to take advantage of their in-eloquence.

THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN firmly believes that music begins where words leave off and has, for that reason, only sanctioned a slim selection of recent interviews.

Here they are


scrap-bandThat Diary

In 2005 it was decided that Cardiacs should be made to keep a diary. It was rubbish then and it is rubbish now. However, it has been decided that it must be kept for posterity.

You can read it here




messing-aboutMucking Around

Rest easy and spend a relaxing hour or so with our ‘Mucking About’ page. Try out the distractions and know that, as the caring concern, THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN grants you a little break time.

Click here to ‘muck about’