Do you pass Timmy’s hugging test?

timmyI’d give you a LOVING HUG if…you greeted me at the door with an extra big smile. You saw that I was spitting and furious about something and knew that just having you by my side would make my eyes less narrow and spiteful. You just looked at me and said “I care”. You tried so hard to wear that pretty pink dress just because you know it’s my favourite. While we were walking you gave my hand an extra little squeeze and said, “it’s quite nice to be with you”

I’d give you a BEAR HUG if…you’re the kinda girl who’d take a five mile hike with me down the descent. You’d think nothing of spending a whole morning piggy-back riding, an afternoon of sticking, and an evening of pawing! You’d love an entire day of testing things then hurry back for a big splash about at the pond. You wouldn’t mind getting up at five in the morning to go dancing with me. A good game of touch wouldn’t scare you away.

I’d give you a COMFORTING HUG if…I see the sadness in your eyes when you find a little lost puppy. You’re the kind of girl who sometimes stops to think of the lonely people in the world. Thinking of all the people without love sometimes brings sadness to your heart. If you popped or broke (and thought I would be furious), I’d put my tired arms around your tired shins and say “everything’s alright if you are good to the end”