Jim’s big day

Jim1A golden dawn, an azure sky, come, come. Through bracken and gorse, come. Let fall those creeping fears that night-time cling. Let fall the dewy riddles pass, fly you, fly you.

Then sunshine grace your skin, so warm, cleansing, come. When later, all scorches, you may find shelter, but gilded morning, come. Creak cricket, creak ‘hopper. Cloudless all breathing and creak.
So quick foot on splash rock and cross by the stream, egged on by this soft breeze, come.

Into ochre expanse, into field of delight, come.
But who is this one? Alone casts a shadow. Longer and prouder, longer and prouder.

Still figure alone, still come, don’t stand idle. Hesitation? Don’t falter.
Look at its shape, that of a man.

Now glory noon, you little unsteady. But come, tread you, come.
To look at his face.
Landscape and calm horizon. Bleak horizon. Find these in his grey eyes.
Behind them, compassion.
Heat now unsettling, so come reach for him. Reach out to him.
His handshake is firm, reassuring.
He will hurt you.
His shoulders are strong, no stranger to toil.
He is an ox.
If his brow furrows, it is for the whole world.
It is for YOU.
There is no fury here.
There are no angels here.
It is Jim.

Today is his big day.